Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Everyone affected by Breast Cancer has a story. Here's yours.

This week i want to show Everyone the touching and gut wrenching stories of the Boobie Wednesday friends and fans.

So many of you have shared with us How breast cancer has touched you.

"Having lost a sister-in-law from this horrific disease as well as knowing FAR TOO MANY women and at least one man who suffer from its affects, I decided to participate.While I have always supported the Susan G. Komen Foundation, I really like the quirky, and quite frankly EFFECTIVE way these women have decided to get into the act."

"Breast cancer affects EVERYONE. Guys, us too. We've got the same plumbing, just not all the padding. Self examination is key, catch it early and it can be taken care of relatively easily and save your life. I have a sister in-law who survived breast cancer, but wound up losing a breast in the process. Luckily, she has been cancer-free ever since. This woman is a saint. Or at least she will be, eventually. (Hopefully, many decades from now.) I'm doing this for her and for every other person who has had to go through the ordeals of varying stages of breast cancer. It's a horrible disease that attacks the most fun, eye-catching, comforting and yes, nurturing part of the human body."

UberDorkGirlie's Blog is about her Aunt Carol and how she touched her life in many ways, including fighting Breast Cancer. Her story made us laugh and cry.

"I have a million great aunt Carol stories. But damn it, I should have a million more. My monkeys should have their own arsenal of great aunt Carol stories forming. OMG she would so love them. And she would so be their favorite. But, Cancer felt otherwise."

And Squozed's Story of his Mom's Winning fight is courageous and telling.

"Thankfully, we had a lot of friends and family who were nearby to help while she went through the treatments. My grandmother made her some beautiful scarves to cover her head that she still will wear to this day on certain occasions. Slowly, she started regaining her strength, able to do small things until she was well enough to do the routine tasks that she used to do taken for granted again. I am happy to say that she has been in remission since those treatments, only having one minor relapse a couple of years ago."

And our creative friends..

This art is from LittleAnimation

And SeantaClaus add to the Boobie Wednesdays Shirts.

And here are the Articles and Honorable mentions we have had.

Geektome's Article..

Geekgirls Interview with our Co-founder Shimmer418

Tattooed_mummy's Blog.

Kylee E. Lane's Blog

I just want to thank each and everyone who has helped us spread the Boobie Wednesday Message. You know who you are.


Star425 said...

You doing a great job with this great cause, keep up the good work.

toywithme said...

I am so impressed with your commitment to this extremely important cause. My mother-in-law is going through chemo for stage 3 breast cancer right now and I think what you ladies are doing is amazing. Keep it up! Thanks :)

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