Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wow you guys

OK I know, i already did my post for this week, but I have to give a very special mention to three wonderful people. @geekgirldiva @geektome @cynraven have all been wonderful supporters and promoters of Boobie Wednesday, and @geektome even wrote an article about us! (Make sure you read it.)

How fantastic is that!?

Guys, this means so much to me and @shimmer418 you had us both in tears. You guys rock. Seriously.

Just wanted to say thanks, and we love you guys so much!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Guess What Time It Is

So, in case you didn't know ladies and gents...

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The National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) organization is "a partnership of national public service organizations, professional medical associations, and government agencies working together to promote breast cancer awareness, share information on the disease, and provide greater access to screening services."

I think they deserve a round of applause, especially considering that 2009 is their 25th Anniversary. Congrats guys!

Make sure you all visit the site at and check out their "How To Help" section. :)

In other news, three teachers from the Navarre school in Toledo Ohio, are being honored in their fight against breast cancer. You can catch the news clip here.

And dont forget guys, The Boobie Wednesday Store has new stuff as of last week, so drop in and help us raise some money for the NBCF this October!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Saving the world, one boobie at a time.

So we all know breast cancer is bad right? Well, did you know that the National Cancer Institute estimates that in the US in 2009, there will be over 192,00 new cases in women, 1,900 in men. They also estimate 40,170 deaths in women and 440 in men. That's a lot of boobies boys and girls, and there are ways we can lower the numbers.

For instance... The Breast Self Exam (BSE). Yes, I know all of you and your dirty minds are having a little giggle right now (I am too, don't worry), but aside from your yearly examinations by a doctor, this can be a very effective early warning system. And the key to the BSE is to know your boobies. Every breast feels different so you need to know what is normal for you... You could even enlist your partner in this.
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So here's what you need to know. Breasts are naturally lumpy, so don't let that freak you out. If the lumpiness can be felt through the breast tissue it's not a worry, it's the ones that feel different from the rest of the breast that you should worry about. Still, don't freak if you feel something different, just call your doctor and get an exam. Lumps found in the breast may be cancer, although cysts and fibroadenomas can cause similar lumps.
Now, anyone over 20 should perform regular BSE's about a week after your period, so you're not tender. If you're not menstruating (i.e menopause) aim for the same day every month.

OK, so how do you perform a BSE? Well, it just so happens I'm about to tell you. According to eMedicinehealth there are a few ways to do it.

Facing a mirror

Stand before a mirror and compare both breasts for differences in size, nipple inversion (turning in), bulging, or dimpling. Note any skin or nipple changes, such as a hard knot or nipple discharge.

Inspect your breasts in the following 4 steps:

With your arms at your sides

With your arms overhead

With your hands on hips - Press firmly to flex your chest muscles.

Bent forward - Inspect your breasts.

In these positions, your pectoral muscles are contracted, and a subtle dimpling of the skin may appear if a growing tumor has affected a ligament.

Lying down

Right breast

Place a pillow under your right shoulder.

Put your right hand under your head.

Check the entire breast area with the finger pads of your left hand.

Use small circles and follow an up-and-down pattern.

Use light, medium, and firm pressure over each area of the breast.

Feel the breast with the surfaces of the second, third, and fourth fingers, moving systematically and using small, circular motions from the nipple to the outer margins.

Gently squeeze the nipple for any discharge.

Left breast

Repeat these steps on your left breast using your right hand.

In the shower

A BSE can easily be performed while you're in the bath or shower. Some women discover breast masses when their skin is moist.

Raise your right arm.

With soapy hands and fingers flat, check your right breast.

Use the same small circles and up-and-down pattern described earlier.

Repeat on the left breast.

And that's how we do a BSE :) Easy right? And yeah, it might be a bit scary to examine yourself for lumps, cause what if you find one right? But early detection makes all the difference, so make sure you give those babies a little bit of extra attention once a month, and lets save the ta-tas!

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(Don't forget to visit the Boobie Wednesday store and help us raise money for Breast Cancer Research :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Boobie Wednesday Store!

Good news everyone! No! Great news! Boobie Wednesday now has a store! Yes a store!

Hop on over to The Boobie Wednesday store and buy something to show your support. And just as an extra karma bonus, all the profits will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation!

And don't forget to tell your friends about us! The more boobies the merrier! ;)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Welcome to Boobie Wednesday

So I'm guessing your first question is "What is Boobie Wednesday?". Boobie Wednesday is something that a friend and I started on Twitter (@honey_is_evil @shimmer418) to promote Breast Cancer Awareness, and just for a bit of fun. Who doesn't love boobies right?

We're asking everyone to change their avatars to a set of boobies on Wednesdays to show support, and when people ask why, you can send them here!

Unfortunately this is a 2 woman operation and it's been a bit slow getting off the ground, but in further weeks you will be able to find articles relating to Breast Cancer Awareness, and we even have a competition or two in the works.

We hope you join in on Boobie Wednesday, and don't forget to include #boobiewed in your tweets, so we can find all you cool people out there.

And just incase you didn't want to use your own boobies (or if you're a man) we've decided to supply you some. :P See you on Wednesday!

Just click on any of the picks below, then right click and save to your computer. :)


Alternatively, get your Twibbon on your here. You could even do both! :)

Shimmer418 here.. Just adding 2 more links.. The first one is and the second is their reader submitted photo page. See guys and girls, anyone can help with a good cause.

Just remember on Wednesdays on Twitter, change you Avatars to Pictures of Boobies and Do #boobiewed or #boobiewednesday On your Tweets.