Monday, September 14, 2009

Welcome to Boobie Wednesday

So I'm guessing your first question is "What is Boobie Wednesday?". Boobie Wednesday is something that a friend and I started on Twitter (@honey_is_evil @shimmer418) to promote Breast Cancer Awareness, and just for a bit of fun. Who doesn't love boobies right?

We're asking everyone to change their avatars to a set of boobies on Wednesdays to show support, and when people ask why, you can send them here!

Unfortunately this is a 2 woman operation and it's been a bit slow getting off the ground, but in further weeks you will be able to find articles relating to Breast Cancer Awareness, and we even have a competition or two in the works.

We hope you join in on Boobie Wednesday, and don't forget to include #boobiewed in your tweets, so we can find all you cool people out there.

And just incase you didn't want to use your own boobies (or if you're a man) we've decided to supply you some. :P See you on Wednesday!

Just click on any of the picks below, then right click and save to your computer. :)


Alternatively, get your Twibbon on your here. You could even do both! :)

Shimmer418 here.. Just adding 2 more links.. The first one is and the second is their reader submitted photo page. See guys and girls, anyone can help with a good cause.

Just remember on Wednesdays on Twitter, change you Avatars to Pictures of Boobies and Do #boobiewed or #boobiewednesday On your Tweets.


jessicabold said...


Definitely not endowed...

tattooed_mummy said...

I posted on my blog when I joined in this week - good times....

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Anonymous said...

hmm, any chance of you gals having buns Thursday? no? just thot I'd ask (: olvera_m on twitter

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