Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Calm in the Chaos

I figure we're all stressing right about now, aren't we? (I know I am). Thanksgiving was barely over before you realised - 'Oh crap, It's only a month till Christmas' - And then you start trying to figure out what presents to buy, and for whom, and how much to spend, and who's coming over for Christmas dinner, and which relatives to visit, and then there's the cards to write, and the tree to get and/or decorate, and should you do the outdoor display this year....

So I think that today, we all need to relax and recharge, and lucky for you I know some really good ways to do it :)

1.The Bath

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This is number one because it's my favourite ;)

Find half an hour in your day that you won't be disturbed, (for most of us this is after the kids are in bed), and run yourself a hot bath - the hotter the better. The heat and the steam will not only have a sauna effect but with encourage your pores to expel all the grease and dirt.

While the water's running, find an old sock, and fill it with one cup of oats, then tie a knot in it and drop it in the bath. This is often referred to as a milk bath because it makes the water turn white. All the good stuff from the oats will treat your skin while you soak, and when you get out your skin will feel fabulous.

And if you want to, you can add a few drops of lavender oil for a calm effect, or sandalwood which is said to promote peace of mind. Light some candles and turn off the light if you feel the need.

(Unfortunately I have seen way too many scary movies to be able to relax in a darkened bathroom. :P )

2. The Lotion

When you get out of the bath, grab your favourite lotion and have at it. Make sure you don't just use it on the usual spots, like your face and hands but cover your whole body. This is really simple, but it'll make you feel wonderful, and wonderful = happy = relaxed.

3. The Clothes

No matter what you'll be doing with your night, make sure to wear your comfiest clothes. I love my flannel PJ's best, but if you can't pick, try going for a specific colour.

Red will help out if you plan to get lucky, as it raises sexual awareness and men tend to find women in red very sexy ;)

Orange will cheer you up, and help you think positively.

Yellow will help you find inspiration, so if you're still stressing over some of those holiday choices, yellow might be your answer.

Green promotes harmony and balance and has a soothing effect.

Blue is a calming colour, and is the number one pick for straight up relaxation.

Purple will help you feel renewed and also supposedly helps you sleep.

White is the colour of enlightenment and spirituality, so if thats your thing, go for it.

4. The Food

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Pick something don't eat a lot of, but really enjoy. Pizza, chocolate, popcorn, a footlong sub, whatever. It's really sad, but my comfort food is beef stew. I hardly ever eat it, but I love it. Just remember not to eat to much. Being stuffed will ruin your comfortable feeling.

5. Activity

Burning off energy is a great way to beat stress. Laughing, dancing, and sex are great energy burners, and usually the most popular choices. Watching a funny movie, going out with your friends, and getting lucky are the best choices for relieving tension and getting rid of excess energy, which will not only make you feel better, it'll help you sleep better too.

I feel the need to add here, that before I had a husband and kids who refused to let me, I used to go the grocery store in my goofy pajamas when I was stressed out. It felt good to walk it off and I giggled hysterically at all the looks I got. Always made me feel better.

Yes, I am a little weird.

Just a little.

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And that ends todays lesson on chilling out. Don't forget to check out our cool Boobie Wednesday products at our store. $2 from every sale is donated to the NBCF, and if you have a few pennies to spare click on our PayPal link to donate to our Christmas Fund. :)

Every boob counts.


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