Thursday, October 29, 2009

Week 4 #HalloBoobies winner is...

Our reigning champ, @millarca! Her Clockwork Orange boobies won the day! Very creative.

And with that announcement our #HalloBoobies comp is officially closed. We'll be posting the winner of the prize here on the blog some time in the next few days, so keep an eye out ;)

We'd also like to make a special mention to @seantaclaus who has very awesomely donated a piece of artwork to us here at Boobie Wednesday.
(This work is copyrighted, do not re-post without express permission of Sean Parrack.)

Cool, huh? We're currently in the process of convincing him to let us use it on a t-shirt ;)

Don't forget to visit the Boobie Wednesday store. All profits go to the NBCF. $100 buys a mammogram for a woman in need.

Cause really, who doesn't like boobies?


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