Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Men have boobies too... or is that moobies?

Ok so lets be honest, many of you men came aboard the Boobie Wednesday train for the cleavage, (and that's OK, because that's how we tricked you into paying attention), but did you know that YOU can get breast cancer too? Yep, sorry to break it to you boys, but the moobies aren't safe either.


Research shows that women ARE 100 times more likely to develop breast cancer, but any man can develop breast cancer, and the older you get the higher your chances. In fact most male breast cancer occurs in men aged between 60 and 70.

"The prognosis for male breast cancer is the same as for breast cancer in women. In the past, male breast cancer was often diagnosed at a more advanced stage, which may have led people to believe it had a worse prognosis. Although male breast cancer and breast cancer in women are similar, important distinctions such as breast size and awareness affect early diagnosis and survival in cases of male breast cancer." - MayoClinic

Some of the give away symptoms men develop include:

  • Skin dimpling or puckering
  • Development of a new retraction or indentation of the nipple
  • Changes in the nipple or breast skin, such as scaling or redness
  • Nipple discharge

  • (And lets be honest here boys, you should probably go see a doc if any of these things happen anyway)

    man boobs Pictures, Images and Photos

    Now in men, nearly 20% of cases are inherited, as compared to almost half of that in women, so if you have a history of breast cancer in your family you're at greater risk.

    But like they say, prevention is the best cure :) Say healthy, avoid drinking like a sailor at every opportunity, and if you notice any difference in the moobies GO SEE A DOCTOR.

    Because, hey, they might not be as nice as the puppies, or as talented as this guys


    but they're still important. ;)

    (And on one final note, don't forget to visit the Boobie Wednesday store and help us raise money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. We've made pitifully little money this Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

    We're also looking for ideas for mens T's so if you have any, email us or leave us a comment. Thanks!)

    We got our info from MayoClinic.com


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