Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Help us help you

Unfortunately, your Boobie Wednesday blogger is sick again, and between very little sleep, pregnancy hormones, and a stuffy head, concentration is at a minimum.

So instead of telling you about something, we're asking you, our wonderful friends and supporters, what you see in the Boobie Wednesday future.

Leave a comment and tell us:
What do you love about Boobie Wednesday?
What could we improve?
How could we expand the Boobie Wednesday empire?
Any ideas for future competitions?

And anything else you'd like to add. We love hearing from you guys.

Have a great #Boobiewed!!!

{If you're wondering "Why Lara Croft?", I like the picture, and she is kinda infamous for her boobies ;) }


MrsMalicious said...

I love #boobiewed its fun its a great way to raise awareness its an awesome idea just to begin w I say do a creative boobiewed to get folks in the spirit for most creative dressed boobies the more fun you have w boobiewed the more folks will think about and examine those sweater puppies closer! Btw I didn't know she was preggy CONGRATS!! Btw I am too due in June!!

girlzoo said...

Just keep keepin' on. The entire structure of #boobiewed is so flexibly set up that it allows for anyone to express in any form they're inclined to.
You have provided a forum that is inclusive of whatever anyone wants to contribute. This is a rare phenomenon in a world with all kinds of rules.
Congrats to new Babies we have onboard. My first grandbaby will be arriving in April. The #boobiewed show goes on!!!

fstop23 said...

Why do I love #bobbiewed ? Well, basically it's because I like boobies - or more specifically, the hearts, minds & spirits of the people who carry them around.

The #boobiewed crew's light-hearted approach reonates with my won....

...and unfortunately, it has come to touch me personally as a very good friend has been stricken and is facing a double mastectomy as well as radio/chemo over the coming weeks.....

Keep up the wonderful effort, ladies!


Kait Wallace said...

Thank you for all of your hard work in the fight to save our boobies! Sites like yours have inspired thousands of women to check their breasts and save their lives. Kudos!

I just wanted to remind everyone about how vital it is to check for colorectal cancers as well, if you're over 50 or have a family history. It's 90% curable if caught early.

Thank you so much for providing a safe, frank place for discussion on surviving cancer!


Anonymous said...

Hi. Interesting concept. I am wondering if both you "chicks" are breast cancer survivors? Is there an "about you" page anywhere? Are you a 501(c)(3) charity? I am interested in knowing how you got involved whether you're survivors yourself or personally know someone. Thank you.

Shimmer418 said...

Hi Anonymous. We do this for awareness. We do this for education of others. I have never had breast cancer, But i know many women at this moment who are battling it, and supporting them and teaching others is the greatest reason for me to do it. We are working on our accredidation with NBCF. All of our proceeds go directly to NBCF. About me? Veronica, 38, Lives in Ohio. Mother of 3. Lost my grandmother and uncle to cancer. I helped start Boobie Wednesday because i believe Breast cancer doesn't go away when October ends (Breast cancer awareness month). Too many men and women are uneducated about Breast Cancer, and many more are afgraid to check themselves for fear of finding a lump. I want to support each and everyone who does a BSE and help the ones who haven't yet, but want to. Boobie Wednesday has made itself a community of friends and family with one goal. Any other questions or concerns please email us ay boobiewed@yahoo.com and i will be glad to answer your questions. Thanks..
Veronica AKA @shimmer418

Soul Train said...

Why do I love Boobie Wednesday?

I love breasts.

I also miss my partner's breasts terribly.

She had a partial radical mastectomy on one side, and a full mastectomy on the other, back in 1997. Full remission, BUT... she also elected not to do reconstruction. She's still a wonderful woman, attractive and fun and sweet, all the things she was before the surgery. But I will admit that when her bosom was excised, a good portion of our passion was as well.

This is something that not a lot of people consider, the emotional scar that gets left behind. A woman's breasts are often a large part of her sense of self, of her attractiveness, poise, and confidence.

For that reason, I support the "Check yourself and your partner" aspect of #boobiewed, because catching breast cancer early and getting a lumpectomy is a MUCH better alternative, if it is an option.

Is something 'off' about your boobs? Don't keep it hidden in your bra. Say something, get checked by a doctor right away.

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