Sunday, January 17, 2010

A little clarification...

So lately here at Boobie Wednesday, we've been taking a lot of crap because of our methods. Sadly I think this is because people are complainy and ignorant. But just for the sake of proving a point, I would like to say a few things.

First of all more than one person has said "Isn't the show of your boobs disrespectful or ignorant of those women who don't have boobs due to mastectomies?" And here's my answer - Why can't a women with a mastectomy show her chest too?

There are so many women in this world who feel insecure or inadequate, whether it's your butt, your boobs or your hips. But you know what? Us Boobie Wednesday girls, we think you're perfect no matter who or how you are, and we think you should be proud of it.

So for those that have made comments about us discriminating against women with mastectomies - Are we discriminating, or are you?

Secondly, some people seem to have a problem with us using our boobies to advertise our cause, period. (Let me re-instate here: OUR boobies). Some have even said that it's wrong to use boobie pictures when breast cancer can affect every part of the body. Yes, it's true, breast cancer can spread, but it's called breast cancer because THAT'S where it starts.

And let me ask you this. When advertising companies have been using the female body to advertise everything from cars, to clothes, to vacations, why is it so wrong to use our breasts to advertise a cause that is actually RELEVANT to the female body.

And not just the female body either. Men get breast cancer too. And we don't exclude men from our campaign. On the contrary, we have more than a few men showing their own chests on Wednesdays in support of us and to spread the message of awareness. I've yet to hear anyone complain about seeing the male Boobie Wednesday supporters on their feeds.

Thirdly, we do not MAKE people show their boobs on Wednesdays, this is purely a matter of choice. We have a variety of pictures here on the blog that people can use ranging from cute to sexy, and even then we don't care if you change your picture or not.

Boobies are fun, and they get the attention of people whose attention might not otherwise be caught, but our whole point is breast cancer awareness. It's about what you say, not necessarily what you show. So if you only want to RT us, or not even mention us at all, we don't mind. We just want people to be aware.

I think that all in all, people should be allowed to use their bodies as they wish. I think that criticising someone for showing their boobies for a good cause is like criticising someone for their hair cut. It's really just pointless. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's wrong.

And for people who have asked the question of why we don't support other cancer awareness issues, like colo-rectal, or prostate, it's really just a matter of what got me into this, and that is - my boobs. I love them. I'm proud of them. I like other people to notice them. And if I can use my endowments for a good reason, I don't see any reason why I shouldn't.

(I would also like to add that we post info about different types of cancer all through the week from our @boobiewed page.)

For those out there who still don't agree with Boobie Wednesday for whatever reason, I'm sorry, but we'll just have to agree to disagree. All I ask is that you still do your BSE's and remind others to do so. You don't even have to do it on Wednesday.

(A few words from the other half of the Boobie Wednesday Duo.
I want to say, We love each and everyone of you that believe in what we are doing every week. Without you people, We would still do this, but We would have never reached so many in so little time. You Have taught us so much about yourselves and about the brave people you have loved and lost. Thank you so very much. )


allconsoffun said...

i think that part of being mature enough to be able to "agree to disagree," is to realize that some people (usually the opposition) have a hard time letting go b/c they can't change our minds. i too respect their opinions, which they are so entitled to have. however, those opinions, do not excuse personal attacks. those opinions do not pardon disrespect of others, nor does it justify posing as a gateway for bashing each other. i applaud @boobiewed for always being fair, & trying to see other's opinions at face value...and staying on course & keeping the true mission in mind.

early detection **is** the best defense anyone can have. Especially with breast cancer. awareness has to start somewhere. i'm proud to be supportive of a group that is happy to start it...and collectively work together to help bring the message to those in need.


StargazerHuck said...

I fully support BoobieWed and am grateful that these two wonderful women have taken it upon themselves to spread awareness. If it does nothing more than help you remember to do your self exam than they have succeeded. To the naysayers I have this. If through your ignorance and reluctance to understand you still cannot see the good in this unified display then don't look.

Kelley said...

Wow. I'm surprised you get enough flack about doing something of the good that you have to write a defense blog post. That's sad. I'm with you 100% - thank you for raising awareness about breast cancer.

Woody said...

Yes, Boobie Wednesday got my attention because I am a guy and the concept had a wow factor (gasp!). Is that really that awful? I also, for the first time ever, have donated money to a local breast cancer awareness group. I did that because I appriciate the efforts and I respect the cause. I did it because their awareness made me want to give back. So if my money is no good to these critics because of they way I came to give, then they need to look their judgemental selves in the mirror and ask, "am I doing all I can do?"
Maybe these critics 'meant well', but the bottom line is you are doing a great thing, it's all voluntary, it's fun, and it's working! Keep it up! You girls are great!

Lori said...

When I first started showing off my girls on Boobie Wednesday, I had not been personally affected by breast cancer. I had, however, been personally affected by cancer, having lost my Dad to prostate cancer. So for me, it wasn't about breast cancer awareness as much as it was about cancer awareness, in all it's forms.

I'm one of those people that thinks that an awareness of one kind of cancer can lead to awareness about cancer, period.

I'm also one of those people that posts things on Wednesdays that don't just have to do with breast cancer, but all types of cancers. I have seen you ladies do that often as well, and I think that what you've started is a terrific thing.

To me, 'save the boobies, save the world' is about becoming aware of what cancer takes away. All kinds of cancer. It's also about those things that we can all do to make sure that we don't sit idly by and watch as those things go, or watch as the people we love are taken, too.

And you know what? If looking at my boobs is going to make someone stop and read what I'm posting, you'd better believe that I'm going to keep doing it.

My boobs have been shown off in cleavage-bearing tops for no reason whatsoever, so if I can do the same thing and open someone's eyes to the risk factors, to self-examination (breast or otherwise) then so much the better.

To the detractors who say that breast cancer awareness is taking away from other kinds of cancer awareness, I say this: get on Twitter on Boobie Wednesday. Read all the posts. Be aware of how much information these amazing women put out there about all types of cancers. Read about the men who have learned that breast cancer affects them too. Read the stories from women who have started to do regular BSEs. Be inspired by the stories, by the men that support Boobie Wednesday.

All this, just for showing a little boobage? Damn straight, I'm in.

Instead of complaining, be inspired. Let what these two women have done be the start of something good. Rather than taking the time to reflect on why you think Boobie Wednesday is a bad thing, take that time and be inspired to do something positive.

Save the Boobies.
Save the world.

girlzoo said...

Kudos. In as much as I do feel that what you ladies @shimmer418 & @honey_is_evil do does not have to be defended, your clarification is admirable.
Many blessings will reign upon both of you in ways you may never realize. You may not ever get the feedback of how many lives have been saved as a result of your postings & blog planting a seed in a woman's mind.
Speaking as a breast cancer survivor myself, with two virtual mastectomies (details provided per request for the curious) I have found your endeavor honoring to me. In my psyche I envision my breasts (what's left) holding their beauty. Losing parts of my body does not make me less whole, nor am i jealous or hurt to see that other women proudly display what they are blessed to have.
My observation is that the objections I've seen come from puritanical & inhibited parts of women who are interpreting bawdy fun as offensive. Instead of saying and owning that, there have been many slams about defending mastectomy patient's feelings. I've yet to see a woman who actually HAS a masectomy or a breast cancer survivor complain about your process here.
In my life, I do not need or wait for others' to protect my feelings. Breast cancer survivors are not typically reluctant to speak up for ourselves. We have been through a trauma that has required us to open our mouths and participate in order to save our lives. We do not need healthy women saving us from seeing photos of beautiful breasts.
By it's very nature of attacking our breasts when this form of cancer develops, we are already robbed of feeling like we completely belong in the sexualized world any longer. Breast cancer and its' mutilations to our bodies challenges the very idea that we are still sexually desirable.
To be able to fully participate in #boobiewed means that I am no less a beautiful woman than any other who hasn't had the surgical knife cut out the killer mutations. I am a fully sexual female inhabiting what's left or what's been reconstructed of my surviving body.
We women need to support each other in every way that we can by asking questions of each other rather than telling each other what to think. This is a complex disease and there are no easy paths. The only thing that is clear is to be informed. So I say spread the word to stay on top of your body's signals any way we can. The life you save may be your own or that of a loved one.

Anonymous said...

I would also like to reiterate my support of all of you & particularly of @girlzoo who has recieved alot of stigma for her support & participation in #boobiewed. This hurt me greatly as I can feel how much she has been through. It took enormous courage to even participate at the start as a breastcancer survivor herself. Talking about these things raises emotions of loss to the forefront in many sufferers & survivors. Tess faces these with such courage & has handled all criticisms with great compassion and dignity.

Cancer not only takes the pound of flesh but it takes your identity & self esteem. To those who would dare point a finger at anyone as brave as she for doing all she does I say "just walk a mile in her shoes...

I was alittle nervous myself in how best to participate as its a sensitive subject & not everyone survives breastcancer. But if we value our identites as women we will not only be breast aware, but be cancer aware. One person affected by #boobiewed to be aware of signs & symptoms of any cancer is a mission accomplished. Also it indeed supports those going through the process opening up dialogue & support online.

I believe God preserved an angel in @girlzoo She gives me great strength from her tenacity & kick ass attitude. Her smile is my reason.

So brave

@girlzoo said...

For anyone who does not know, the above comment from girabuntumedia is from my partner in #boobiewed @Belfastangel. Eva is the wind beneath my wings.
When i said i wanted to jump into #boobiewed to contribute my small part of the breast cancer puzzle, she could tell i was scared. without any hesitation she had supported me side by side and boob by boob from day one.
Neither one of us knew much about the structure or content of #boobiewed. We just jumped in together and brought ourselves to the cause. It's a day that we have a unique opportunity by having a #hashtag garner us a bit more attention in order to speak about breast health.
We are bombarded in our media culture with nonstop messages for multitudes of causes. What @shimmer418 and @honey_is_evil thought of in #boobiewed is brilliant. This forum draws attention in a unique way to how breast cancer affects all of us. It is eye catching. It is a group effort. It is irreverent and deep simultaneously.
If women are having any negative reactions towards this method of raising awareness, my guess is that there is also an intense fear of cancer lurking underneath their uncomfortable feelings. I don't blame them. Cancer makes me uneasy as well. But I urge them to direct their disdain at the cancer. It's the true culprit.
By contributing a fact, an observation or even your own avatar that keeps breast health in people's minds, we elevate consciousness. This is how we care for those we don't know or may never meet. This is humanitarianism. Thank you @boobiewed for #boobiewed.
And to my dear Eva, @Belfastangel ~ may every person be as blessed with a true friend as I am with you. I no longer carry this breast cancer burden alone. You have lightened my load through #boobiewed. I love you.
Bless y'all reading this blog. It is rich and will uplift you.

Anonymous said...

What you guys are doing is admirable and should never be frowned upon. Keep up the good work!!

Also, I mention you in my blog, go check it out :-)

SoulTrain said...

This is one of those moments where you have to shake off the repression and stigma of 'nudity' to promote BEING HEALTHY AND AWARE.

If this is the only time you bare your bosom, do it not just for everyone else's awareness, but your own well-being. Your God will forgive you... I would think He (or She) would actually smile. And if your neighbors cluck and carry on? Maybe they'll think about a BSE, themselves.

Anonymous said...

In any battle/fight you'll always have haters & malcontents. I noticed Boobie Weds because of the boobie pics. Why is this so bad? It's not. As grandaddy would say "You have to have bait to catch some fish." And because I have noticed some of my follwers did too.

Keep up the good work and forget the haters.

hypyklrz said...

Yep, another guy comment. Excellent post. And I'm not going to apologize for following on twitter because I saw the boobs. I love boobs! Now I will follow for your words also. Excellent. Send the haters to @hypyklrz
We'll be the Boobie guards!

PrincessJenn said...

Just goes to prove you can't please everyone. But the fact you have their attention, is a good thing. And when they're doing their BSE's, while cursing you, and find a lump...well, perhaps they'll remember who it was reminding them every week to do those BSE's.

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