Monday, November 9, 2009

What's your sign say?

For many people, being a survivor of breast cancer is a badge of honor. And it should be. BC is a bitch and beating her isn't easy.

All those women who have fought the disease, whether they have won or not, are an inspiration to us all.

But it made me wonder something. For years I have joked that I have a sign about my head that says "Freaks and dirty old men, come this way", and I wonder how many of those amazing women had something similar before they earned the title of "Survivor".

It also gave me an idea for our Christmas competition. You ready for another one? OK here it is. Leave us a comment here on our blog and tell us what your sign says. For example... my sign. So what does yours say? I'm pretty sure my sisters sign says "Beware. Moments of complete randomness may occur", and @shimmer418's is aimed at poor and/or married men. He he he.

So leave us a comment, tell us about your sign, and you could win a fabulous prize, valued at about $60. BUT, we're not gonna tell you what it is. Nope, it's a surprise. I can tell you it will be merchandise from our very own Boobie Wednesday store, the rest is a secret.

December 9th will be the last day to enter. Obviously you can only enter once, and make sure you leave your twitter name with your comment, or an email address.

We're looking forward to hearing from all of you, and if you happen to know any of those amazing people who have that wonderful "Survivor" sign, give them a hug from us. We think they're amazing :)


Sewicked said...

My sign says "Warning: mood swing in 5 minutes"

Anonymous said...

Mine says: "I speak in Movie-Quote Lingo"

Cat said...

I'm quite the klutz, mine says "Watch for falling Trina's."

LittleAnimation said...

My sign says "Sign? What sign?

allconsoffun said...

my sign says, "cruel, nasty, paranoid, & antisocial. but basically happy!" :)

kitterztoo said...

My sign says "Cleverly disguised as an adult." or "I'm out of bed and dressed. What more do you want?"

Kayla (detailoring) said...

My sign says, "Mom prone to random moments of insanity and hyperactivity. In moments of doubt, feed decaff!"

My twitter name is detailoring.

Lily said...

Which one? I have as many signs as mood swings! hahaha

"Easily distracted bunny."
"Oh, shiny - Twinks!"
"Once you go paranoid, you never go back."
"Warning: Mind set to unfiltered."

Sewicked said...

Whoops, mood swing, sign now says, '50% sweetheart, 50% bitch; you take your chances'

Tessa said...

Caution: Contents under pressure.

Moody the DK said...

No, I do not want to date your avatar.

michelle aka memachelle said...

"she grew up & realized --- only duct tape can fix stupid"

PrincessJenn said...

My sign: "Princess...bitch... call it what you want, it all means the same thing"

Twitter: @PrincessJenn

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